Blood Pressure and You

Hypertension is a long haul medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently elevated causes health problems, such as heart disease. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure. High blood pressure usually does not cause symptoms.
There is a blood pressure machine to check your blood pressure. You can have high blood pressure (hypertension) for years without any symptoms, indeed, even without side effects, harm to veins and your heart and may not be recognized. Uncontrolled hypertension expands your danger of genuine medical issues, including heart assault and stroke.
Hypertension for the most part creates over numerous years, and it influences almost everybody in the long run. Fortunately, high blood pressure can be easily detected and when you know you have high blood pressure, you can consult your doctor
A great many people with hypertension have no signs or side effects, regardless of whether circulatory strain readings achieve hazardously abnormal states.
A few people with high blood pressure may have headaches, shortness of breath or nose bleeds, but these signs and symptoms aren’t specific and usually don’t occur until high blood pressure has reached a severe or life-threatening stage.
When to see a doctor
You’ll likely have your pulse taken as a major aspect of a normal regular checkup
Your doctor will likely recommend more frequent readings if you’ve already been diagnosed with high blood pressure or have other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Children age 3 and more will usually have blood pressure estimated as a part of their yearly checkups.
Ways to control high blood pressure without medication
1. Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline. Blood pressure problem often increases with increase in weight. …
2. Exercise regularly. …
3. Eat a healthy diet. …
4. Reduce sodium in your diet. …
5. Control the amount of alcohol you drink. …
6. Quit smoking. …
7. Cut back on caffeine. …
8. Reduce your stress
9. Monitor your blood pressure at home and see your specialist doctor consistently
With Hypertension many diseases enter in life so it better to be aware about it and try to control your high blood pressure, but when this disease impacts your life dangerously do consult best doctor or you can contact us. We here in Sibia Medical centre treat many patients who have heart diseases and whom doctors suggest Bypass surgery but we with help of new Technology in Medical line cure them with several therapies like Chelation therapy, ACT, ECP with unsurgical way. We have treated many customers who come to us for alternative way of treatment for heart disease and now after treatment they are living healthy and happy life. We believe maintaining health is more effective and less expensive than trying to regain it. Nonetheless, when disease does strike, we help patients recover heal and enjoy enhanced quality of life using ‘peaceful’ non-invasive treatment methods. So if you to deal with same health issue do visit our Sibia Medical Centre we will be happy to help you

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