Vasyaa- World Education Fair 2018 Kicked off

Hyderabad, 17 June 2018…. Every career-minded Indian student, who aspires for a key professional post in the most exalted global organisations, will crave to study abroad. That is one of the reasons why there is a huge clamour to get an overseas degree. Its inclusion will boost one’s resume like no other.

In order to get an understanding of which universities to apply for and those where the quality of education remains paramount, students seek myriad avenues before finalising the varsity that they deem best for the career they seek to In order to cater to such needs and also help address every such doubts that exist among students and their guardians many institutions have been established. It is often noticed that most of them merely share information about the academic requirements.

Having realised that an authenticated all-encompassing information was not available in one go, Vasyaa Consultants, which is into helping students in various capacities like a friend, philosopher and guide, has entered the picture. It serves as a ready-facilitator by people who know the inside outs of­­­ USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and France lifestyle.

It is towards Vasyaa certified consultants organised World Education Fair 2018 at Mercure Hotel, Somajiguda on 14 June 2018. University Officials From USA, UK, Canada, Poland, Germany and France participated in this Educational Fair.

Vasyaa Certified Consultants was established in 2011, Currently we work with all major Countries. Vasyaa partnered with more than 325 Universities and as of today we have sent 5000 plus students abroad to fulfill their dreams of studying internationally. We are certified by ICEF, QISAN, NAFSA, British Council, NET, We have also been awarded the Best Overseas Education Cosultant by the higher education review magazine. Further we have been awarded as Global Achievers Award in Education Excellence by The Prime Minister of Thailand.

Thank You

Santosh Gupta

Founder and Chairman

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