World Congress on Epilepsy and Brain Disorders

Epilepsy Meetings invites you at World Congress on Epilepsy and Brain Disorders going to be held in Cape Town, South Africa during November 22-23, 2018 which joins brief keynote introductions, speaker talks, displays, Symposiums, workshops, Technical discussion on Neuroscience. Epilepsy Congress 2018 is the Epilepsy Meeting which will be most entertained by all the prominent Epileptologist, Neurology instructors, postgraduates, affiliations, business winds under a single housetop. This Epilepsy gathering will help to system association, B2B collaborating in the midst of masters and academicians. Epilepsy Conferences advances mindfulness against chance components and progressions about the Anti-Epileptic care. This Epilepsy meeting lay a stage for postgraduate instruction and logical work in the fields of Epilepsy, Neurology, Psychiatry, Brainwaves Surgery Epileptic Seizure and Technical progression look into in Epilepsy and Pediatric Epilepsy.

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