Intend Management Fiori Solution powered by AIRDIT for SAP Customers

Bangalore, 19th June, 2018: AIRDIT Software Pvt Ltd, India’s premier software provider for business solutions, has come up with Intend Management Fiori Solution for SAP customers which ensure proper management of businesses.

Intend Management Fiori Solution, offered by AIRDIT Software replaces the entire manual process, leading to better transparency for the whole process. By adopting this technology, small businesses can not only save time but gain maximum ROI. For Instance, production or construction sites are usually located away from corporate offices or central warehouses, making it difficult for proper supervision.

Majority of organizations make use of manual processes to cater to various requirements, generating from these sites. However, since the requirement of each construction site reaches the main office as a form of intent, the request has to go through a long approval process, consuming a lot of time.

AIRDIT’s solution supports the below-mentioned tasks in the process:
• Service Intend
• Material Intend
• Project Equipment Request
• Project Man Power Request

Built using SAP Fiori, the solution provided by AIRDIT Software is compatible to all devices and triggers notifications for the above tasks required for the construction or production site, to the company’s main office / Stores/procurement. Based on the approved requests, further processing is carried out to enable a smooth functioning of the end-to-end process.

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