The Important Role Of Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe In Life

Steel pipes are commonly used in our lives. The most common is the water pipes in our homes. Most of them are made of steel pipes. Because the hardness of the steel pipe itself is very high, it is not easily damaged by itself.

Corrosion resistance is also relatively strong. Therefore, the use of steel pipes as a liquid delivery channel is also a good choice.

However, with the increase of time, the probability of steel pipe damage is also very high. At this time, the role of thick-walled seamless steel pipe is apparent. Thick-walled seamless steel tubes are now used to transport liquids

The main pipeline, its strength is higher than the ordinary steel pipe, corrosion resistance is also more intensified, the life of the use increased more than ten times.

And it is the best choice for liquid steel pipe in addition to seamless casing, or the main material for the production of the drive shaft on the car. After all, the strength of thick-walled seamless steel tubes is very high.

The moving axle is also not easily deformed, and it can completely ensure the safety of driving. This shows that the help that thick-walled seamless steel pipes bring to our lives is also very large.

The annular heating furnace of the thick-walled steel pipe unit has the following advantages over other types of heating furnaces.

(1) It can adapt to different diameters and lengths of various needle blanks, and it can easily adjust the heating system

according to the specifications of the blanks.
(2) Thick-walled steel tube heating process III Tube blank rotates together with the bottom of the furnace. Without relative movement, the tube blank is not easy to fall off, and the heat-treating furnace seals well, which effectively reduces burning.

(3) Automatic control of loading and unloading and furnace bottom operation, and a high degree of automation in operation.

(4) In the thick-walled steel tube furnace, the blanks are arranged at intervals, the blank can be heated better, the heating temperature is uniform, and the heating quality is good.

(5) The regenerative type heating furnace reduces the energy consumption greatly and saves energy consumption by 30%. The metal yield is increased by 20%.

(6) Heat is provided by high-quality natural gas, which has the advantages of environmental protection and high heat generation. It is expected to exert greater potential in future production.

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