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Equipped with a team of experienced engineers and Control Panel Wiring Service experts with in-intensity understanding of our products and programs, Omron repair center offers a Comprehensive solution to your industrial automation restore and Maintenance needs.

What We Repairs:
Our repair Services cover a range of products which includes PLC, Control Panel Wiring ,Temperature Controller, Counter, Power supply, Touch Screen and many more.

Whether or not your product is beneath assurance or out-of-warranty, our repair specialists are trained to take corrective movement and provide the recommendation to adapt for your Individual requirements.

Our repair team will help you evaluate your products before acting any repair works so that you’re guaranteed to repair what’s necessary. This will maintain costs as low as possible ensuing in the pleasant service for the best price.

To Find more on our repair services and policies, please Contact us at the offices located in your Country.

Minimize machine downtime
Quick, dependable and cost efficient
Repair and failure Investigation and testing
International Service hub
Domestic Service center and repair store
Site Service and maintenance service available

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