Hoverboard, the new extreme sport

Hoverboard WFD

Designed by jetski champion Franky Zapata, the Hoverboard WFD by ZR® is nothing more than a hydro-powered board that allows the athlete to surf the waves but also to fly beyond the waves at several meters altitude. It has passed the prototype stage and can already be tested in competitions and demonstrations organized by Zapata Racing. Like Hendo’s, this hoverboard also appealed to professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.

This board is connected to a motorboat with a turbine and hose that allows the athlete to take off up to eight meters above the water and reach the speed of 40km / h, depending on the power of the boat to which he is connected. It allows for incredible figures on the water but also underwater, an extreme sport that could quickly bloom on the beaches.


Powered by 36 electric fans, the ArcaBoard can move in any direction on all types of terrain, even aquatic, at a cruising speed of up to 20km / h and up to 30cm above the ground.

The ArcaBoard promises very safe and stable travel and can be remotely controlled by a smartphone, hand movements or Bluetooth. It is also possible to turn off the stabilization system and control it only with body movements for a more intense sporting experience.

The appearance of this board is very simple (it looks like a thick foam mat) but its heaviness limits the flight time from three to six minutes. Presales have already opened, priced at $ 14,900, for a delivery announced on April 15th.

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